What is a Chatbot and How Your Business Can Leverage the Benefits

You may have noticed that everything, even refrigerators are becoming “smart.”

We’re finding new ways to link data and make our lives easier. Artificial intelligence (AI) can seem too complicated, but it’s quite simple to make it work for business.

Enter the chatbot! What is a chatbot? Take a look below.

What Is a Chatbot?

It’s a program that simulates a real conversation. It feels like a human is chatting with you.

First, you add pre-defined answers and rules. Then the chatbot can use AI to understand what is being asked. It’s one of the new valuable tools to build your online presence.

You don’t need to know the deep inner workings of these bots though. What’s most exciting is what bots for business can do for you. Take a look!

Better Customer Service

Fast. Timely. Helpful.

These are traits of good service experience. A live help agent is an added cost to a business.

They also have to sleep, so they’re not available 24/7. A chatbot is immediately ready anytime.

There are more people on messenger apps than on social media. Messengers apps are where your customers are already spending much of their time. Why not serve them there?

An example of this is airlines who send boarding passes and flight announcements after you purchase a ticket. The info goes directly to your favourite messenger app. When you need the information, you don’t have to look through your email anymore.

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Faster Shopping

For a business that collects a lot of data, like an e-commerce shop, chatbots can make buying friction-free. Your bot can send a reminder about an abandoned cart or even walk them through the purchase. All this, within the messenger platform!

Bot: “You want this item?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Bot: “Same address as before?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Bot: “Great. Click this link to complete your purchase.”

And it’s done! Sale!

Personalised Messages

A bot never forgets. It’s connected to whatever data sources you choose. It can tailor a message to every individual customer.

The best part? The chats feel real.

This one-to-one communication has its benefits. Your customers will respond much better than they do to email. Chatbots can have open rates up to 75 per cent!

Automated Answers

Does your business get a lot of the same questions?

“When are you open?”

“Where is your office?”

“Can I get a quote?”

A chatbot will have all of the first responses required within seconds. It can collect information for you to use in your follow-up. Or, if you want, your bot can direct the person to contact you directly through another channel.

Ready For a Chatbot?

You now know the answer to “What is a chatbot?” and how it can help your business. Chatbots have a lot to offer. They help you serve better, save time, and sell more.

Now you can meet customers where they are, anytime. You can give the right information with a personal touch. The possibilities for how to can use chatbots to get closer with your customers are endless.

If you think it’s time to harness the power of chatbots for your business, we’re ready to help. Contact us to start making your chatbot today.