Are you aware of the overwhelming importance of website design for your business? Find out if your website is driving away customers and how to win them back.

The Importance of Website Design and How It Can Make or Break Your Business

Ignore the content on your site for a moment. Just the design of your website can either drive web visitors away or convert them into customers.

Just a few seconds on your site and people will have formed an opinion on your credibility and professionalism. The design of your site can generate an outstanding profit for your business. Or it can drive users to bounce off instantly.

Read on to learn about the importance of website design in your website’s conversion rate, which leads to better business and revenue.

First Impressions Count

A study conducted at the University of Surrey found that first impressions of a website are 94 percent due to a site’s design. That means that almost all your potential customers are judging your business based on how it looks.

And this first impression isn’t made over a customer’s meandering exploration of your website. Online visitors form an opinion of your brand in less than two-tenths of a second.

Clearly, you don’t have a lot of time to impress your web visitors. That’s why website development and design is crucial to increase conversions. When you make a good first impression, you increase your odds that site visitors will stick around long enough to buy.

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Impacts Your Company’s Credibility

Your website is a window into your company. Online visitors are coming to your site looking for a solution. If your design isn’t done right, they will click off and head over to your competitor in a flash.

Research shows that people judge the credibility of a website largely by its design. It’s not testimonials or awards that are making your site reputable. In fact, 75 percent of people determine a company’s credibility based on site design.

An experienced website design company knows how to ensure that your company is presented in the best possible light.

A Balance of Content and Visual Elements

A study that tracked the eye movements of website visitors found that people spend just 5.59 seconds looking at a site’s written content.

So sites that are jam-packing their pages with a ton of content aren’t catching a visitor’s attention any better. In fact, best business website design practices balance content with visual elements.

Yet that involves a fine balance as well. Too much content will look messy and cluttered. Too much going on visually will be an eyesore and make users bounce off the page.

Proper website design will smoothly include content into the visual space of the web pages. And web designers know how to use empty spaces to make taking in written content faster so that it is more digestible for readers.

The Importance of Navigation

When the website navigation is thoughtfully laid out, visitors can better find what they are looking for. They can also explore your site better without getting lost or frustrated.

Navigation needs to be intuitive and work so well that users don’t even pay it any attention – it just works.

Web Design Helps Drive Engagement

We talked about how quickly you need to capture your user’s attention. But after that first nanosecond, you still need to make sure your layout is appealing so they want to stay on your page.

The longer they stay on the page, the higher your chances of conversion. Good placement of key features such as a contact us page and a search bar will help your visitors find what they are looking for.

In other words, a properly organized site will increase customer conversion.

Mobile Friendly Website Design Is Vital

The way that people use the internet has evolved in the past handful of years. The majority of web users today access sites from mobile devices.

It is no longer acceptable to have a website that isn’t suited for mobile devices. Your business can’t afford to lose the majority of website visitors because the page doesn’t load or is too difficult to read on the smaller screens.

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Mobile friendly website design is imperative in this day and age. They are designed to display content across all devices in an easy-to-use format. A responsive website will load quickly on any smartphone or tablet and will display text to fit inside the screen’s window.

If you don’t make mobile website visitors a priority, you can be sure that your competitor will. And customers will go where the user experience is better.

Rank Better on Google

As more users access the internet from mobile devices, search engines have taken notice.

Now, Google and other search engines favour responsive websites. That means that organizations that have a responsive site will show up up top in search result rankings.

Gives Customers a Better User Experience

The final reason why website design is crucial is that it gives your customers a better experience.

We now have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. Sad, but true. Goldfish have a nine-second attention span while modern humans pay attention for eight seconds.

We live in a time where instant isn’t quick enough. So websites need to be intuitive enough to know what the users want. Website development considers page-loading speed, A/B testing, and customer experience.

Bottom Line on The Importance of Website Design

The importance of website design can’t be overstated. Your company’s website is the portal that turns website visitors into customers.

And with more and more users accessing your site from their devices, a responsive website is crucial in today’s digital landscape.

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