SEO continues to dominate the Internet.

Search engine optimization is known as the main tool to help boost traffic page views to your website.

Did you know that search engines are becoming even more intelligent? Optimizing your website to satisfy a user’s needs has to be one of your top priorities for the new year.

If you don’t understand the power of SEO, then it’s best to look at these 5 important SEO trends to expect in 2019.

1. Page Speed

Search queries ought to load as fast as possible.

You can easily track the page speed of your website on a mobile device using PageSpeed Insights offered from Google. This information can help you make your pages load faster on all devices once you analyze the feedback you receive.

Simple web performance tools that analyze your page speed will indicate how you can make a few changes to improve the current speed of your site.

In 2019, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) will also dominate. The only issue with AMPs is how they often disregard visuals and are purely designed for websites using a lot of text, so they are not meant for all sites.

Improve your page speed optimization score by investigating the top tips suggested by Google.

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2. Quality Content Over Quantity

Another point to make about SEO trends for 2019 considers the importance of creating quality content. When adding new content to your website, you need to pay attention to every feature you upload, from the text down to the images.

Google will reward the sites that continue to upload quality content. Some ideas for content include blog posts that solve problems for people, as these usually rank much higher according to Google.

It’s also going to help you out if you publish a piece with purpose rather than upload a bunch of work that doesn’t solve any pertinent issues for your visitors.

For example, if you own a dog, you may want to write out a lengthy post describing the best way to train a puppy while living in an apartment complex complete with backlinksand exceptional advice.

3. The Future of Featured Snippets as One of the Many New SEO Trends

Have you taken a look at the latest evolution of Google searches? Featured snippets often pop up when a user asks Google to answer a simple question.

Google will choose a suitable website to answer the question for you and will display a large block of text which is also an excerpt from the site. Begin condensing your website down to the best answers your site can provide your visitors.

These well-structured answers can give you a better chance of aiming for a higher Google ranking. Keep a lookout on how you can boost your opportunities for landing a coveted snippet spot by catering to your visitors as much as possible.

4. Don’t Leave Out Link Building

As much as Google continues to make small changes in terms of SEO, you shouldn’t leave out the basics of link building to draw in visitors to your site.

Link building can still give you the authority you need to have a strong website that visitors can trust. When creating backlinks, you also need to think about how much value they will add to your site in return.

Google needs to learn more about your site in order to give your site a great reputation. Producing content with quality backlinks can suffice to boost your reputation with Google over time.

5. Cater to Image Search

One final SEO trend to be aware of as we enter the new year is image search.

The visual material found on your website should look clean and up to date.

Remove any preexisting images that are no longer optimized for your site. Be sure to add “alt” text to these images for even better search results.

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