A survey of people who message business revealed that 69 percent of people are more likely to trust the company after messaging with them.

When you’re managing your own business, you don’t have time to sit down and address every comment, question, and concern your customers bring to you.

This is where having a chatbot platform comes in handy.

Chats help communicate with customers. You don’t have to worry about customer service and neither does your staff.

Here’s your guide to the chatbot platform.

Decide on a Design or Layout

While having a chatbot for your website is important, you will definitely need to consider having a mobile option.

Having a mobile chatbot app would be helpful for reaching your customers because 90 percent of users use an app on their phone rather than web browsers.

Most chatbots are also used through Facebook Messenger, which means that people will be able to use an already popular app.

Consider Integrations and Applications

There are many different applications and integrations that a chatbot platform can have.

A chatbot platform can have Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Autoresponders, which can assist customers so you don’t have to.

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Improve your SEO With a Chatbot Platform

Artificial Intelligence is expected to manage 80 percent of customer relations by 2020, and this will also change SEO usage.

A chatbot can actually improve your SEO when it provides a great customer experience for your business. But it needs to offer something that you wouldn’t be able to, like 24/7 customer support. Your chatbot also should have empathy and be able to learn as it’s used.

Google takes into account how long users spend on your website, and if you have a chatbot ready to engage with users and have a conversation with them, this will boost your rankings.

Marketing/Chatbot Uses

You need to figure out how your chatbot platform can help your business in the best way.

Do you want your bot to provide entertainment? To help sell your product? To offer information and customer service?

By having a chatbot pop up on your website and draw customers in, you can increase your business’s opt-ins, which can double or triple your sales.

Compare Products

There are many options for chatbots and CRMs out there, some costing nothing (or close to it) and others being expensive.

You can either choose to build your own chatbot platform or use an existing one.

If you build your own platform, you can customize it to fit your needs, but you will have to put some time into building and maintaining it. If you choose an existing one, you may not be able to customize it as much, but most of the work will be done for you.

Make Your Business Work For You

Only 20 percent of your customers are likely to open emails you send them. But 80 percent of customers are more likely to open a message sent from your chatbot platform through Facebook Messenger.

Check out our page for more information on chatbots and get started on having your business work for you.