There are a few essential factors you’ll need to master if you’re looking to be successful in email marketing. It may seem as simple as sending a few emails and getting raging fans and tons of dollars pouring in shortly after. However, that’s far from the case- although it would be nice.

In all reality, there are methods and strategies to high performing campaigns. One of the most critical parts of the entire process is getting people to view the email after you’ve sent it. Keep reading for more information on what an open rate is and why it matters for your email marketing efforts.

What Is An Open Rate?

This term is pretty straight forward. An email open rate is the percentage of subscribers on your list who have viewed your emails.

When you send out an email blast to a list, the number of people on that list who open your email gets counted in the percentage. This number typically varies due to different variables, such as subject lines.

Email open rates also take the number of bounced emails into consideration. This means that messages with faulty email addresses are taken into account in the equation for more accuracy. Although accuracy can be over- or under-reported at times, getting a close enough number will help your campaign strategies for better success.

Why Do Open Rates Matter?

If you’re sharing a life-changing message to the world, how many people are getting helped if no one knows about it? This is the concept of open rates in a nutshell.

You probably shouldn’t count on too many signing up for a course, downloading an eBook or buying a product from you if open rates are very low. It’s not that your products and services aren’t good enough. But, rather, there are no eyes on them to actually perform the actions that you’d like to be completed.

This is why high open rates can often lead to successful emails. You don’t just have people completing your call-to-actions (CTAs). It’s also possible to acquire a lot of useful data on buyer behaviours- which can be used to increase success and enhance the performance of future campaigns.

Bringing It All Together

In short, email open rates are based on the number of people who viewed your message. This number is vital to the overall campaign because it can help us to understand various indicators in data collected. You can determine specific factors about the psychology and behaviours of your customers more specifically.

The open rate for an email will vary due to different factors. It’s important for you to test these factors to see which yield the best results for your campaign. Don’t neglect A/B split testing and list segmentation when it comes to email marketing.

Need Help Increasing Your Open Rate for More Success In Your Email Campaigns?

Increasing an email open rate may not be something that happens overnight but it is possible to achieve. However, there is sometimes a lot of information to sift through that may make things more complicated. If you’d like more assistance with learning about and improving your open rates, feel free to contact us today.