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Business can be hard at times. Particularly in an economic situation like we are facing in 2020!

And operating a mechanical business is not something that everyone finds easy in the best of situation. You may be the best man for the job when you have tools in your hands, but marketing and finding new clients may not be your specialty.

We understand the industry because we have a family owned mechanic business in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. So we know both the tools AND the marketing that works from first hand experience in the industry!

COVID-19 Crisis

The Situation

For some businesses, they have never been busier. Whilst others are struggling to keep the doors open. No one saw this coming, and the reality is that things are not going to change overnight. 

With less people travelling to work, touring around, and facing less income then before… You must be creative in how you promote your business and help them see the value in maintaining their vehicles.

ebuilt Mechanical COVID-19 Image

The answer

The best way to grow your business through this crisis will be to help them understand the effects of vehicles that are left ‘sitting’ too long. 

The lockdown restrictions will create the perfect opportunity for you to encourage people to get their cars booked in for a FREE Safety Check before they hit the road again this winter!

A Win-Win Solution

The key to getting clients to book in with you is to offer them an irresistible offer that will help them out during this time.

By giving away a ‘Free’ or discounted ‘Safety Check’, you gain their confidence in the repairs that they will almost definitely need anyway!

It’s a simple process that looks like this…

Give away a FREE Safety check on their vehicle

Be genuine in your findings and recommendations

Book them in for the necessary repairs

Gain a new Happy customer

eBuilt Mechanic Safety Checklist Image
eBuilt Mechanical Checklist Image-2

60 Point Checklist

Covering all the key areas that any mechanic can service and fix

General Servicing and Maintenance

Brakes & Suspension

Lights & Electrical

FREE 'Safety Check' Printout

Download Your Copy NOW

A Comprehensive “60 Point Safety Check” that will allow you to print out and hand to your customers. Show them the results and then simply offer to bring their vehicle up to the safety standard for their protection!