Simple Leather Belt

Case Study

Online Retail Store in Ohio, USA

Here’s how we upgraded their old site.

Simple Leather Belts are an online retail store that sell handmade high quality leather items that will last a lifetime. 

The guys were recommended to us and reached out to us in order to upgrade their site as the code used originally had some issues with php updates and they were unable to build landing pages or custom products easily.

But, they liked the design of the original site, and so we had to maintain all elements of the old site, but build it on a new platform to look identical, and allow them to keep it updated. It also needed to have a ‘custom belt builder’ for the customers to select every option of the belt they want to create a truly unique belt.

We set up the site, and built the custom belt plugin, added functionality for ‘Gift Cards’ to be purchased and redeemed automatically along with the ability to add new products as they expanded their inventory.