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A Website For Small Business Owners

It’s 2019 and the world of business has changed forever… Don’t get left behind!

Having a website for your small business is critical, as almost half of the searches on Google are for a ‘Local Business’ and 92% of people will pick a business on the first page! (72% end up visiting after their search results!)

HELP Google Find You

A properly built website that meets the SEO criteria that Google uses for ranking will allow you to be found in searches.


The higher you rank, the more traffic you get. The more traffic, the more potential for customers and extra sales.

Build a list of leads

With the Lead Capture form on your page, you will be able to grow that list of customers you can engage with.

Track & target Ads

With the ability to track the people that land on your website you can better target your ads and boost conversions!

Local-SEO Pack


Websites from just $1997

Our Websites are designed to GROW Your Business

Frequently asked questions

Google uses a number of criteria to rank a website in the search results. However there are a few things that they like to see.

1 is a good website that is SEO Optimised and performing at or above their expected metrics of speed, mobile first view, Page size, bounce rate and up-to-date codebase. 

Google also highly favours businesses that have a website that gets a lot of ‘backlinks’ from other sites in their industry or niche.

Without a great website, no one is going to link to your site for Google to rank you.

Our goal is to actually help your business grow, not just build websites!

If we built a website and then let it sit still, within a month it would be outdated and susceptible to hackers and malicious software. This is a fact of nature in the online world. Google doesn’t like sites that are not kept up to date, and they blacklist sites that have violated their policies. (found with malicious/hacked code or content that was inserted on a hacked site)

You would not want this, and neither do we!

By having a Monthly Management program in place will mean that your site is kept up to date, and backed up on regular intervals. It also means that you can focus on your business knowing that we are focusing on keeping your site performing at it’s best.

You don’t want a pretty looking website that no-one knows exists. 

That is a liability and not an asset.

We get it! 

You are looking at price and when you don’t understand the industry everything seems the same…

We don’t know how to arrange flowers, build a kitchen or fix plumbing issues. But we are experts on how to build and rank a website!

Wix, Weebly, Squarespace… They all have the same thing in common. 

A platform that lets ANYONE ‘drag & drop’ content to build a website. 

There are many factors as outlined above that affect your site being found online by google and the other search engines.

We have built thousands of web pages and understand the different factors that affect conversions on the page, as well as algorithms and technical aspects the search engines are looking for.

In short, No.

But that depends on what you are referring to. 

With the site build, we do get you to sign a ‘Statement of Works’ contract. This is the agreement as to what is included in the build price and what is not. 

Once you sign that and agree to have us build the project according to that agreement you are ‘locked in’ to what is contained in that.

This contract protects both of us…

  • It protects you so that if we don’t deliver what the contract said we would, then you should be refunded and we will be held accountable.
  • It protects us, so that if you change your mind, or want extra work done that is not included in the original agreement we are able to say no, or update/create a new contract agreement.

However in regards to wanting to move your service elsewhere in the future, then the answer is a definite no. You are NOT Locked into any contracts.

When we build your website, it will be done in your name for your purposes. That means you are in full control and are free to move away at anytime in the future.

We accept most major credit cards. ie Visa, Mastercard, American Express…

We may agree to accept cheque, bank deposit or crypto-currency on a ‘per instance’ basis. Please check with us before hand if you would like to go that route.

If you have any further questions that are not here please ask as we are more than happy to assist. Contact Us

Our clients say

I couldn’t be happier with the professional service we have received from the team at eBuilt Business. We find them trustworthy and willing to offer honest advice to improve our online business.
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Simon Martin
Simon Martin Whips & Leathercraft
Thank you so much Daniel for all you have done on our website and computers. I really appreciate everything you have done, and all the support that you have provided in fixing everything for us. I don’t know what I would do without you.
Lyn Macqueen
Powerstitch Designs
Daniel and the eBuilt team pulled EVERYTHING together for me and turned my ‘out there’ dream into an actual reality… Every step of the process, they went out of their way to make sure that it’s exactly the way I wanted it. Thank you SO MUCH for the amazing work.
Dr Todd Gignac
Cooloola Family Chirporactic
I highly recommend eBuilt and the services they provide. My website rankings have grown month-month, My google search is up and I am consistently getting website traffic and phone calls!
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Josh L.
Lees Auto Repairs

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