7 Tips to Finding a Trustworthy SEO Company

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As a small business owner, you know that digital marketing is key to growing your brand. But there’s more to it than just building a website. That website needs to be readable and easy-to-find for search engines. Otherwise, you’re missing out on tons of potential leads, customers, and revenue. Believe it or not, more than 83 […]

What Is an Open Rate and Why Does It Matter for Your Email Marketing Campaign?

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There are a few essential factors you’ll need to master if you’re looking to be successful in email marketing. It may seem as simple as sending a few emails and getting raging fans and tons of dollars pouring in shortly after. However, that’s far from the case- although it would be nice. In all reality, […]

Your Complete Guide to the Chatbot Platform

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A survey of people who message business revealed that 69 percent of people are more likely to trust the company after messaging with them. When you’re managing your own business, you don’t have time to sit down and address every comment, question, and concern your customers bring to you. This is where having a chatbot platform comes […]

The 3 Top Sales Channels for a Product Selling Boost

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In 2018 the U.S. commerce market topped $500 million in sales. On one hand, that’s great for your earnings potential. Every year people spend more and more on ecommerce. On the other hand, all that spending also means more competition. Whatever you’re selling, chances are someone else is already selling it too. To succeed you need to differentiate yourself while still […]

What Is eCommerce Marketing and How Can It Benefit Your Online Store?

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In 2018 alone, ecommerce grew another 16% in the US. This means more and more people are utilizing this incredible way of making money from wherever they are. If you’re looking to do the same, you’ll want to utilize the right ecommerce marketing techniques to help you meet that goal. What Is Ecommerce Marketing? Thanks to innovative ecommerce […]

Mastering the E-mail Opt-In: 7 Strategies You Need to Know

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From small businesses to major tycoons like the New York Times, it’s easy to see the powerful effects of a strong email campaign. Getting those emails to the right people? That’s the result of an even stronger email opt in. While it may seem like a straightforward concept, there are some central do’s and don’ts to […]

What Makes a Good Mobile Website? Your Guide to Mobile Design

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Did you know that in the past year, a little over 52 percent of traffic was generated by mobile phones? Each year, the percentage of people who search through mobile grows. In fact, in 2009, only 0.7 percent of searches were done on mobile! By the end of next year, the numbers may jump as high as […]

ClickFunnels vs Leadpages: Which Generates the Most Leads?

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When was the last time you clicked on a link and saw something interesting on the website? Did it motivate you to dig through the information the website had to offer? Through one link, you may have been inspired to even buy something. That’s the power of landing pages. They’re what people see when they first […]

4 (Free!) Google Tools for Business That You Should Be Using

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Google was humbly founded in 1998, as a basic search engine used to surf the web. Since then, Google has branched out to become one of the largest tech companies running today. Now, they provide and produce all sorts of intangible and tangible products, from analytics software to smartphones and home devices. While most of what […]

5 Important SEO Trends to Expect in 2019

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SEO continues to dominate the Internet. Search engine optimization is known as the main tool to help boost traffic page views to your website. Did you know that search engines are becoming even more intelligent? Optimizing your website to satisfy a user’s needs has to be one of your top priorities for the new year. If you […]